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The study shows you that buying links can improve or lower your rankings, you must be very careful in what you do here. Paying for links in directories got results when the search engines were in their infancy, now things are more complicated. Some of these backlinks would cost in excess of $400, which is very high, and this was more than 20 years ago. Now we have many metrics to choose from and use to determine the quality of a backlink, the one that was important to note back then was page rank. Google did push backlink suppliers out of sight because they caught onto people selling links in networks, they knew how it was being done through tracking IPs, etc. If they caught you buying links on these networks your website would get penalized and your rankings would drop overnight, this damaged many websites and online businesses and put them from much traffic to absolutely nothing. This is still happening today, to discover more about it read the listed article here.

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